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Apple trusts Tata over China, ‘Made in India iPhone’ will be made in India

New Delhi: India has become a big smartphone market. Big tech companies around the world are now tired of China. So many companies are preferring India over China. Tata Group is going to enter the growing smartphone market in India. Tata Group is now in talks with Wistron Corp, an iPhone manufacturer in India, in this matter. Tata Group will make iPhone in this partnership. According to media reports, Tata Group is going to increase manufacturing of iPhone production to acquire the Taiwanese company.

Apple disappointed by China
Covid cases are increasing in China. So there is still a lockdown-like situation in many places. Due to this, the companies are suffering while doing business. Due to this reason, the company is preparing to shift its business from China. India is the company’s top priority. The company wants to ship nearly 370 thousand units of iPhone from China to India. Which can be 5 lakh 70 thousand units in 2022. Also, labor cost in India is less as compared to China. Considering all these things, the company is going to manufacture its products in India.

By 2025, 25 percent of Apple products will be made in India
According to a report by analyst JP Morgan, nearly 25 percent of iPhone manufacturing will start in India by 2025. This means that every fourth Apple product sold worldwide in the next three years will be made in India. Apple product share may be around 5 percent. Government of India is making continuous efforts. The Indian government is trying to make Apple company shift its business from China to India.


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