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Apple Studio Display stand gets unique service feature

Recent reviews of Apple’s new monitor have mostly focused on its technical specifications. But, as it turned out, its complete stand deserves special mention – it is designed not only to maintain the monitor on weight, but also for its partial repair.



Information about the unusual property of the accessory was published by one of the Twitter users. According to the source, the back of the stand, in addition to its main function, is also used to replace the monitor’s power cable. Due to the very tight fit of the connector, a special tool is required to remove it. You can’t buy it at retail – it is only available for Apple service centers.

Some display owners, however, claim that they managed to pull the wire out of the mounting socket on their own. However, at the same time, there is a risk of breakage of an expensive monitor, therefore, at home, such manipulations are carried out at the user’s own risk and peril. By the way, this is how the port for connecting a proprietary cable looks like:


The official retail price for the Apple Studio Display 5K is $1599.

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