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Apple store employees demand at least $30 an hour and many other improvements

Apple retail employees at New York City’s Grand Central store have begun a unionization process. Along with better working conditions, more vacation time, and better retirement options, the group is aiming for a $30 an hour minimum wage.

The group launched an organization Fruit Stand Workers United, which highlights unionization efforts for Apple Store Grand Central employees. A new video has been added to the Fruit Stand Workers United website showing the union process, as well as a new section on the specific improvements the group wants to see through the union.

In terms of wages, we want a minimum of $30 for all employees, based on title, tenure, and performance. In terms of benefits, we are demanding more robust changes, such as increased tuition reimbursement, faster accrual and increased leave, and better retirement options, including higher matching rates.

Fruit Stand Workers United

In their mission statement, Fruit Stand Workers United explains the problem they see: “Year by year, our paychecks have not kept up with the rising cost of living. Meanwhile, Apple has become the most valuable company in the world.”

Through unionization efforts, the group seeks to gain “a legal right to representation in all matters of employment, leave, working conditions and compensation.”

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