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Apple removed 1474 apps! 1435 apps were from China alone! Know how far away from India

Apple has removed around 1500 applications from its App Store. These apps have been removed on request by the governments of different countries. Surprisingly, 1435 of these apps were from China alone. While there were only 14 apps from India which have been removed. All apps removed in 2022. For this, the company had received more than 18 thousand appeals. After which this step was taken.

Apple, the popular tech giant for iPhone, recently released its App Store Transparency Report 2022 (App Store Transparency Report 2022) is introduced. The report has been presented for the year 2022. It has been said that at the behest of the governments of different countries, the company has removed 1474 apps from its App Store. Of these, 1435 apps were from China alone and 14 apps were from India. Pakistan had requested to remove 10 apps here, while Russia had appealed to remove 7 apps. The reason behind the request for removal was given that it violates many rules of that country.

The company had received a total of 18,412 appeals. Of these, China made the maximum 5,848 appeals. 709 appeals were made from India. According to the report, by 2022, there were 17 lakh 83 thousand 232 apps in Apple’s App Store. Last year, the company reviewed 61 lakh app submissions. Of these, Apple had rejected 16 lakh 79 thousand 694 apps, saying that the apps violate the App Store’s policy.

After the review, the company had approved 2 lakh 53 thousand 466 apps. After this, the company had removed a total of 1 lakh 86 thousand apps from the App Store. Talking about the app category to be removed, most of the apps in it were of games. Their number was 38 thousand 883. Utility means the number of utility related apps was 20 thousand 45. Whereas the number of business related apps was 16 thousand 997. The number of Apple developers on the App Store was 3 crore 69 lakh 74 thousand. Of these, the company terminated 4 lakh 28 thousand 487 developers in 2022 for violating the company’s policy.


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