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Apple raises fan base, iPhone 14 features surprise everyone, see details

New Delhi: Veteran tech company Apple Yours this year iPhone 14 The series is about to launch. As usual, reports are coming out about the specifications before the launch of the phone. This year IPhone 14 series can enter the market. Today we are going to inform you about three such features that every user wants to get in iPhone 14 series. Given these three features in the phone, the device will definitely hit the market. The iPhone 14 is expected to have a USB-C charging port. This feature has been under discussion for the last several days.

Currently USB-C charging port is used in Android smartphones. All phones except iPhone support USB Type C port. With the support of USB-C charging port in iPhone 14, users will definitely benefit from it. Also, according to reports, the company will release a portless iPhone in a few years, replacing Apple Lightning and USB 2.0 data transfer. Also, since 2015, the iPhone has been offering a 12-megapixel wide-angle camera. Now, seven years later, users are hoping that Apple will offer a 48-megapixel camera in the iPhone 14 Pro, which will be launched this year. The company can improve the pixel-building process, super pixel and low-light photography. The feature of this process is that the photo automatically stays in the size of 12 MP.

iPhone users have been getting the same specifications for the last several years. Therefore, every iPhone user wants the upcoming flagship smartphone to have many great features including fast 5G support. The next important step in 5G is to provide speeds in excess of 10 gigabits. Currently, Qualcomm X65 is the only modem capable of delivering 10 Gbps speeds. Meanwhile, for the past several days IPhone 14 Different reports are coming out about the series. Like every year, the company may launch its flagship phones in September.

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