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Apple promised to simplify the transition from iOS to Android

In addition to lifting the ban on alternative app stores, the EU Digital Markets Act ordered Apple to make switching to other operating systems more convenient. This became known from the “DMA Compliance Report” published on the Apple website.


The document does not directly mention the Android OS, but Google will benefit most from the new requirements – iPhone users will be able to switch to Android as painlessly as possible. Now the transition to another OS cannot be called “seamless”: you can transfer contacts, calendar events, photos and videos using the Google Switch To Android application, but the software and most of the settings have to be restored manually.

Now Apple is committed to making this process easier by fall 2025. It is known that the company will help unnamed mobile operating system providers create “better solutions for transferring iPhone data to phones from other manufacturers.” We are probably talking about a new application for copying almost all data from an iPhone to an Android device.

The document does not explicitly state whether any of these features will be available globally or whether they will be exclusive to users in the EU. Given recent changes in iOS, the second option is more likely. Apple itself did not include any explanations on this matter in the document.


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