Friday, February 23, 2024

Apple praises battery of iPhone 15 Plus in humorous video

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Today Apple published an advertisement, focused on the iPhone 15 Plus, an enlarged version of the standard model iPhone 15.

In this video, Apple focuses on the battery life of the device, which is equipped with a battery with a larger capacity than the iPhone 15.

In a humorous video, a man films a child trying to break a wooden board with his hand. It is not possible to do this until late at night, but the battery of the iPhone 15 Plus is literally capable of recording for hours.

According to the technical specifications page of Apple, the iPhone 15 Plus is capable of providing up to 26 hours of autonomous video playback and 100 hours of music playback.

Earlier the company Apple presented on its channel YouTube advertisement of iPhone 15 under the title «New driver» about worried parent-child

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