Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Apple postpones launch of electric car, millions of dollars spent on research

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American company Apple, which makes the worldwide popular iPhone, has changed its plans for the launch of Electric Vehicle (EV). The company had planned to develop ‘driverless’ cars like Tesla vehicles. However, it has now decided to launch an EV with some connected features.

In Bloomberg’s report, quoting sources having information about this project, it has been said that Apple The car manufacturing project started about a decade ago. However, it is unlikely to launch before 2028. There are reports that the company’s board has put pressure on its management after spending millions of dollars on hardware and software without prototypes. Apple has changed its plans to launch self-driving cars at Level 5 (full automation). It has been brought first to Level 4 (Fully Automated Driving) and then to Level 2+ (Partially Automated Driving).

Other car makers like Tesla also offer Level 2 through their Autopilot features. This means that if Apple is able to launch its EV by 2028, it could have functions similar to Tesla’s Autopilot in which drivers have to monitor the road from the seat so that they can take control of the vehicle when needed. . However, it is not clear whether Apple will be able to launch its first electric car in the next four years. Apple’s Chinese rival Xiaomii launched its first electric car SU7 last month.

The company’s operating system will be provided in Xiaomi’s electric car. It has been introduced in China. Challenges like excess capacity and weak demand have increased in this world’s largest automobile market. Because of this, there is competition among automobile companies to reduce prices. Tesla has given huge discounts on the prices of its EV in China. It is facing tough competition from China’s big EV maker BYD. Xiaomi’s Chief Executive, Lei Jun had said that the company’s ambition is to make a car comparable to Porsche and Tesla.

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