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Apple patents ‘cyberpunk’ fitness sensors

The US Patent Office has registered Apple’s application for the original compact tracker system. Unlike fitness bracelets and search beacons, the new type of sensors implies “teamwork” and is able to monitor not only the user’s heart rate and location, but also comprehensively assess his physical condition.


According to the source, the patented accessories can be placed on different parts of the user’s body or clothing. At the same time, each of the sensors is able to monitor individual indicators – the correct posture, the intensity of exposure to sunlight on the skin, the pulse rate, and so on. The attachment system may include skin-friendly adhesives, magnets, clips, hooks, a strap, and other attachments.

It is reported that some types of sensors can support several modes of operation at once, including tracking the position of the limbs and geolocation of the owner. The user will be able to select the desired function in a mobile application that collects information from all wearable sensors. Other usage scenarios for trackers include measuring blood pressure, oxygen and blood sugar levels, as well as respiratory rate.

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In addition, the tracker can process data entered by the user using buttons, fingerprint scanners, touch panels and microphones. To monitor the progress of training, flexible sensor electrodes embedded in clothing can be added to the sensor system. Now the original development exists only on paper – the timing of the appearance and the possible price of its commercial version are unknown.


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