Monday, March 4, 2024

Apple paid in Russia almost 1,2 billion rubles for forcing developers to use only the built-in system of payments in the App Store

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American corporation Apple paid a fine in the amount of about 1,2 billion rubles on the decision of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of Russia.

The decision on violation of antimonopoly legislation was adopted in July 2022, when the FAS established that Apple limited the capabilities of developers of applications for iOS. The company prohibited them from informing users about the possibility of paying for services outside the App Store and using alternative payment methods.

The fine in the amount of 1 177 988 700 rubles was paid on January 19, 2024, the funds entered the budget of the Russian Federation.

In October last year Apple permitted Russian developers use third-party payment systems for purchases in their applications.

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