Monday, February 26, 2024

Apple lovers are excited, soon iPhone users will also be able to enjoy AI

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iPhone users will also get the benefit of AI

Since the advent of AI, every big company has started adding Artificial Intelligence to its products. Handset manufacturing companies like Google and Samsung are already offering AI features to customers in their smartphones. After Google and Samsung, now Apple has also announced that the company is soon going to offer AI features for iPhone, Mac and other devices.

During the quarterly earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the company is working on generic AI software features. Tim Cook has also informed that by the end of 2024, iPhone users will start getting the benefit of AI features. If the company brings some new and better features for the users, then it would not be wrong to say that ‘better late than never’.

Which new AI features are coming?

Tim Cook has informed that iPhone, Mac and other users will soon get AI features, but which AI features will the company roll out? At present no official information has been given on this matter.

iOS 18 update will be amazing

Reports have revealed that Apple’s upcoming iOS 18 update will be the biggest update ever in the history of the company’s operating system. It is expected that with the launch of Apple’s new iPhone series at the end of this year, the company will also roll out new AI features.

In which OS will the update be available?

Generally it is seen that Apple keeps silence about big announcements till the day of the launch event. Apart from iOS, Apple is planning to integrate AI features in iPadOS and macOS.

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