Monday, March 4, 2024

Apple is preparing to launch Vision Pro in China, branding may be different

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American devices maker Apple launched mixed reality headset Vision Pro last week. Its sales in America have exceeded two lakh units. This is the company’s first launch in a new product category since the Apple Watch nearly a decade ago. It can be introduced in China soon.

A media report states that Vision Pro can be made available for sale in China in April. This information has been given quoting supply chain sources. It has been said in this report that this device is being registered with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China. Apple Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who tracks the company’s products, reported last month that the Vision Pro could be introduced in some other countries including China after its launch in the US. Apple plans to ship around five lakh units in the current year.

However, there may be some issues with this AR/VR headset in China. It has been told in this report that Huawei, one of the big technology companies in China, has the ‘Vision Pro’ trademark there. This means that Apple will have to bring this headset with a different branding. It is being said that Huawei is working on launching its own VR headset. It can be launched in China by the end of this year. from china smart fone Huawei has also made a dent in Apple’s market share in the market. The popularity of Huawei’s smartphones has increased compared to Apple’s iPhone 15.

The company’s iPhone sales in China declined by 2.1 percent in the fourth quarter of last year. Apple is also facing strictness from the government in China. China is the third largest market for this. In China, government agencies and some companies have banned their employees from using Apple devices. Earlier, the US government had imposed restrictions on some Chinese apps due to security reasons. Huawei’s business in America was also affected.

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