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Apple iPhone users beware! If you see such ‘message’ on your phone, you may become a victim of scam.

In the call, the scammer introduces himself as a support representative of Apple and says that the user’s account can be attacked, for which he will have to get himself verified by giving a one-time code.

Apple iPhone users are reportedly receiving a message these days that is being described as a phishing scam. Many users have also reported this issue. Currently, a particular type of sophisticated scam message is circulating on Apple’s iPhone, wherein users are receiving a request to reset the system-level password. This tactic is referred to as MFA Bombing. Let us delve into why Apple iPhone users need to be cautious of such messages.

There have been complaints of phishing attacks targeting Apple iPhone users. Kerbs on Security, a platform providing information about scams and phishing, stated in a blog post that MFA bombing is being observed on iPhones. According to the post, scammers exploit a bug in the Apple password reset feature, sending prompts to users to reset their passwords. If users inadvertently click the ‘Allow’ button on these prompts or reject them, scammers resort to calling Apple’s official support number.

During the call, the scammer poses as an Apple support representative, claiming that the user’s account is at risk of being attacked. The user is then instructed to verify themselves by providing a one-time code. If the user complies and shares such a code, the scammer gains access to log out of the user’s account from all Apple devices and remotely wipe all data.

Similar reports have been shared where scammers requested users to provide a one-time code. Even after the user declined to disclose the code, the scammer proceeded to request verification of personal details such as current and previous addresses, email, phone number, and date of birth. The user was alarmed by the scammer’s possession of accurate information, leading to the realization of the scam call. Therefore, if you are receiving such messages on your iPhone, exercise caution.


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