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Apple iPhone 14 prices increase in many countries, know what is the reason


Apple has introduced it at higher prices in many countries including Japan and China.
Prices have been increased in those countries where the currency has registered a fall.
Analysts say that the demand for iPhone in China may decrease.

New Delhi. Apple Inc. kept prices stable for its latest iPhone in the United States. Although the company has increased its prices in some Asian countries. These prices have been increased in those countries where there has been a decline in the currency against the dollar last year.

Apple has increased the prices of iPhone 14 in Japan. The yen has declined 24% since September. iPhone 14 customers in Japan will pay 20% more than the iPhone 13 launched a year ago at a price of 99,800 yen ($692.81). Currently, the price of iPhone 13 in Japan is 107,800 yen. Earlier this year, Apple raised the price of the model by about five to 117,800 yen after the yen weakened.

iPhone also became expensive in China
Apple has the third largest market in China. Despite this, the company has priced the iPhone 14 at 5,999 yuan ($862.42). This price is equal to the price at the time of launch of iPhone 13. Let us tell you that the Chinese currency has registered a decline of 7%.

lack of demand in china
Analysts say that Apple should be prepared for weak demand in China, where the economy has seen a decline due to the lockdown imposed due to COVID-19. Due to the lockdown, customers have reduced their expenses. Apple’s revenue fell 1% in the April-June quarter in China. Earlier, the company had earlier announced discounts on iPhones in China, where the iPhone 13 is now available for 5,399 Yuan.

Launched iPhone 14 Series
Let us tell you that the Apple iPhone 14 series was launched last night during Apple’s Far Out event. The iPhone 14 Plus is a new device in the lineup. It comes with the same specifications as the vanilla iPhone 14. Apart from this, the iPhone 14 Plus has replaced the “mini” iPhone that we saw with the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series. On the other hand, Apple iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max have been introduced with a major change.

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