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Apple iPhone 14 once again saved lives, two who fell in the ditch got life donation

Apple introduced the SOS emergency satellite connectivity feature with the iPhone 14, which helped save two lives. A report states that this feature of the handset saved the lives of two people who fell into a deep gorge in California. The SOS emergency satellite connectivity feature works to inform the rescue teams in case of emergency and send them the exact location of the incident. The same happened in this accident as well, where after falling into a ditch, the crash detection feature of the iPhone 14 did its job and sent the exact location to the rescue team.

One of the Macrumors Report A vehicle fell approximately 300 feet into a canyon on the Angeles Forest Highway in the Angeles National Forest in California, according to. Soon, the iPhone 14 detected the crash and sent an emergency SOS to rescuers via satellite connectivity, along with the exact location of the accident.

report states that Apple iPhone 14 Emergency SOS sent a text via satellite to one of Apple’s relay centers. The message was forwarded to the LA County Sheriff’s Department for further assistance. Thereafter, the Montrose Research and Rescue team reached the accident site and saved the lives of both the persons. He was sent to a local hospital where he was treated.

The Montrose Research and Rescue team also tweeted about the accident, in which they have stated that the department received an emergency satellite call from Apple at 1:55 pm on December 14, which was used to obtain “the exact latitude and longitude of the victims”. was done for. The entire incident of rescue was recorded on camera.

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Apart from this, let us tell you that recently a user named ‘u/unclescorpion’ on Reddit informed that Apple iPhone 14 crash detection feature informed him of his wife’s car accident, which enabled him to arrive at the scene before the paramedics arrived and provide assistance.

In addition, at the beginning of the month this feature It also saved the life of a man stranded in Alaska. Alaska State Troopers received a message that a man, who was traveling on a snow machine from Noorvik to Kotzebue, got stuck in a remote location without any cellular connectivity, following which the team with his exact location helped him out. Removed


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