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Apple has lost almost the entire development team of its car

Mark Gurman from Bloomberg reports that Apple has lost another head of its Titan project, which hides an unmanned vehicle.

According to Gurman, Joe Bass, who was the head of software engineering at Apple’s automotive team, recently left the company after seven years on the job. Bass confirmed the change on his LinkedIn page. Bass is now director of technical program management at Meta.

With Buss gone, almost the entire leadership team behind Apple’s car, which existed just a year ago, disappeared. Dave Scott, Jaime Vaido, Dave Rosenthal and Benjamin Lyon left in early 2021. Doug Field, who ran the car team, left the company in September. Michael Schwekutsch, who was in charge of the Apple project’s hardware, soon followed. Then the best engineers fled. Bass reported to Field before moving on to Kevin Lynch, the new head of Apple’s automotive team.

Mark Gurman

Gurman believes 2022 will be a pivotal year for the Apple Car. In November, Bloomberg reported that Apple plans to release an unmanned electric vehicle as early as 2025.

Apple is aiming to launch its self-driving car in four years, faster than the five to seven year time frame some engineers had planned earlier this year. But times are changing, and achieving that goal by 2025 depends on the company’s ability to complete the development of a self-driving driving system — an ambitious goal on such a schedule.

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