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Apple has issued a warning to users in 92 countries, including India, about the risk of cyber attacks.

The company has alerted iPhone users to be cautious, stating that tools similar to Pegasus could target them. This notification was issued by Apple on Thursday. Let’s delve into the details and also learn about the safety measures provided.

Apple has issued a notification to 92 countries, including India, advising them to stay vigilant. There is a significant threat to iPhone users in the form of spyware attacks, which can even compromise their bank accounts. TechCrunch reported this information.

Apple specifically mentioned NSO-Group’s Pegasus spyware and highlighted the potential targeting of iPhone users using such tools. This notification was issued on Thursday, according to Indian time.

Apple did not disclose the identity

Apple has not revealed the identity of the attackers nor specified which country received the notification. According to the report, Apple detected a mercenary spyware attack aimed at financial theft, attempting remote access to iPhones.

Similar hacking allegations last year, Apple’s response

Last year, the company issued a similar notification when leaders of several opposition parties in India alleged attempts to hack their iPhones. Apple officially stated that the attack was not state-sponsored.

Apple’s safety feature

Apple provides a special feature to alert users to cyber attacks. In such situations, users should activate Apple’s Lockdown Mode. This feature minimizes potential losses by providing various protections. It’s designed for users facing complex digital threats, but activating it may alter the handset’s usual functionality.


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