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Apple has included a lot of emoji in the new update, know what is special for you

iOS 15.4 beta includes seven new smiley emoji. The most special one is the melting face emoji, which can set the mood for all of us in the coming summer months.

Apple ‘s iOS 15.4 update was recently released to the users. Apart from the Face ID mask in the new update, the other major change is the new emoji. According to Apple , iOS 15.4 includes more than 37 new emoji, including faces, hand expressions, and household items. Users can also choose a different skin tone for each expression in the handshake emoji. The new emoji include melting face, peeping-eyed face, tear-stopping face and more. According to Emojipedia, the iOS 15.4 beta includes seven new smiley emoji. There’s the melting face emoji, which could set the mood for all of us in the coming summer months, showing that we may all be grieving for global warming in some way or the other.

There’s also the ‘face with pecking eye’ emoji, which is used when someone wants to look away from something frightening or embarrassing. This emoji can be used while reading some unwanted WhatsApp messages.

Added to these awesome emoji 

Then there’s the ‘face holding back tears’ emoji, which can be used to convey a variety of emotions. Especially when ‘Work From Home’ is finally coming to an end and 5-day Mandatory Office Attendance is a sign of a comeback. The new ‘Face with Diagonal Mouth’ can also be used to express a similar emotion.

The ‘face with open eye and hand on mouth’ is also new and more expressive than the previous design. It is also used to express shock and surprise. We think it will be very useful when one looks at their investment portfolio these days.

Apple has also added a ‘dotted line face’ emoji that should be used to show something invisible. According to Emojipedia, it can also be used to show depression and isolation. There is also a salute face emoji with the right hand salute, which means a sign of respect.

The update also includes new hand gestures, including an emoji where the index finger is pointing at the viewer, as in the Uncle Sam poster. There is also an emoji where the hands are joined together in the shape of a heart. If you are bored of typing black, purple and red hearts in the comments, you can use this.

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