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Apple has come up with a solution to the main problems of folding smartphones

Apple has patented a flexible display for mobile devices, which differs noticeably from its competitors in its stated characteristics. The company aims to address the two main drawbacks of such panels: the formation of folds along the fold lines and low scratch resistance.


According to the document, the screen will be thinner at the fold area than at the edges. Additionally, other materials may be utilized for the specified area of the matrix. It is assumed that the company employs a special polymer that is resistant to the formation of “wrinkles” under mechanical stress.

Simultaneously, the patent announces Apple’s intention to modify the traditional composition of protective glass. Specifically, the company plans to enhance its surface hardness to increase resistance to scratching. Presently, most flexible screens are covered with a relatively soft film that is sensitive to contact with hard objects.


The potential date for the announcement of the first Apple device with a flexible screen remains unknown. It is possible that the company is merely safeguarding its intellectual property for the time being and has no immediate plans to release such gadgets.


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