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Apple had stolen this feature found in iPhone from Google!

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Who won first? Who came up with car crash detection feature?

Image Credit source: Freepik

Do you know which company first started providing the Car Crash Detection feature in Apple iPhone? There would be many people who might think that iPhone was the first phone in which car crash detection feature was provided, but this is not true. This feature was first introduced by Google in 2019.

Till now many reports have come out in which it has been claimed that in 2019, Google first started providing Car Crash Detection feature in Pixel 3. Whereas, talking about Apple, the company had rolled out this feature with iPhone 14 Series in 2022, after Apple, now other handset manufacturing companies are also working on this feature.

Overall, the car crash detection feature had entered Google Pixel smartphones in 2019 itself with Pixel 3 and Apple iPhone users started getting the benefit of this feature from 2022 i.e. three years later.

Such claims have been made many times, but there is no concrete evidence that Apple has actually copied the car crash detection feature. Apple has never accepted this claim and Google has also not commented on this matter. It is also possible that both the companies may have developed this feature independently.

Recently a tipster has informed that Samsung is also working on its own car crash detection feature, but this feature will be brought to high-end smartphones.

What does Car Crash Detection feature do?

This feature found in the phone detects car accidents by using the sensors provided in the smartphone and if the user does not respond then this feature calls emergency services.

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