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Apple gets big shock by Indian government may allow only two charging ports for smartphones and other gadgets,, if the government changes these rules, it will be difficult

Smartphone Charging: It is very difficult to charge all the electronic gadgets including smartphones, especially when you need different charging ports for different devices. Government of India is going to remove this tension of yours soon.

Electronics Charging Port in India: We are surrounded by all the electronic gadgets in today’s time and all consider charging from time to time. To charge all our devices, we have to use different chargers because their charging ports are different. More trouble comes in this when you are traveling, then it becomes very difficult to carry all the chargers. The Government of India can remove this concern of ours very soon, let’s know how .. 

The Government of India is bringing a new rule!

If you are also worried that you have to use different chargers because of different charging ports to charge your electronic devices, then soon this problem is going to go away. According to the news, like the European Union, now India can issue a new rule in this matter, after which only two charging ports will be valid in the country and will be seen. 

Consumer Affairs Ministry called a meeting 

For your information, let us tell you that the Consumer Affairs Ministry has called a meeting of all the major industry associations and sector specific institutions. This meeting to be held on August 17, 2022 will discuss how to eliminate multiple charging in the house and limit the charging ports. 

Two charging ports will be valid in India 

If the news is to be believed, then only two types of charging ports will be recognized in India and these ports will also be available. This means that all devices, from smartphones, laptops and tablets to earphones and speakers, will use these two ports for charging. One of these ports can be a USB Type-C port. The same charging port will be used for feature phones as well. This can have a direct impact on Apple, whose charging port of iPhones is different. 

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