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Apple does not have a foldable phone! Samsung made fun of the company


Rumors of Apple working on a foldable device are surfacing.
Amidst these news, Samsung has made fun of Apple.
Samsung has released a video mocking Apple.

New Delhi. Rumors of Apple working on a foldable device have been surfacing for a long time. Over the years, there have been many such rumors that say what will be Apple’s first foldable phone, will it be like the Samsung Galaxy Flip or like the Fold? Meanwhile, Samsung has ridiculed Apple, saying that it expects Apple to launch its first foldable device in 2024 and it will not be a phone. According to Korean publication The Alec, Samsung executives from the mobile division held talks with suppliers last month to discuss the smartphone market.

During this, the Apple Rumor foldable device was discussed. Regarding the phone, Samsung representatives said that they expect Apple to launch its foldable device in the next two years. Officials further said that the device Apple is working on. It is not a phone but a tablet. He said that it can also be a laptop, because a laptop is also a foldable device.

Foldable device business will grow
Samsung executives also said in the meeting that the market for foldable devices is expected to grow by 80 percent by 2025. The South Korean company said that 90 percent of foldable device users are willing to upgrade to another foldable device in the future. It paints a bright picture for a foldable phone.

Samsung released ad
Not only this, an advertising video titled ‘On the fence’ has also been shared by Samsung, in which buyers of Apple devices are seen talking about waiting for new Samsung phone features. A young man is sitting on a wall near a retail store and others are advising him not to do so and wait for Apple’s foldable phone.

At the same time, you can see in the video that an Apple user is looking at the features being provided by Samsung and the Apple employee is refusing to do so. The user sitting on the fence says that Samsung has foldable phones and best camera phones. On this, the Apple employee says that wait, all those Apples will also come. On this the user sitting on the fence advises him to wait.

Risky move for Apple
Meanwhile, industry analyst firm CCI Insights said last month that it is not possible for Apple to launch a foldable iPhone at this time and it could be risky for Apple. Apart from this, Apple’s foldable device can be costlier than Samsung.

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