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Apple did not have to provide charger with iPhone, government is confiscating iPhone in this country

American smartphone and tech company Apple had stopped giving chargers in the box with the iPhone series. The company had said that it has decided not to ship a charger with the new iPhones due to environmental reasons. Instead of a charger, a Type-C cable is being given in the box of the iPhone. Customers have to buy iPhone charger separately. However, there is resentment in many markets about this. In Brazil, the government and the court fined Apple millions of dollars for this and banned the sale of iPhones without chargers.

In Brazil, the Justice Ministry has ordered the seizure of hundreds of iPhones from retail stores. Tecnoblog reports that Brazil’s consumer protection regulator has pulled hundreds of iPhones from retail stores for not providing chargers with the iPhones. confiscated Have done The move is aimed at forcing Apple to comply with a local law that requires smartphone companies to provide chargers in the box. Regarding this, the company has requested the Brazilian government to allow the sale of the iPhone. Along with this, a petition has also been filed in a local court.

Apple says it is confident of winning this legal case. The company said that customers are aware of the various options for charging and connecting devices. About two months ago, a court in Sao Paulo in Brazil, due to not providing a charger with the iPhone company But was fined 10 crore BRL (about Rs 150 crore) and asked to give charger along with iPhone.

Consumers and taxpayers filed a legal case against Apple. It claimed that the company was misusing its strong position in the market by selling iPhones without chargers. The company had said that it has stopped giving chargers to reduce carbon emissions. Earlier, the Brazilian government fined the company more than 1.2 lakh BRL (about Rs 18 crore) for not providing a charger in the box of the iPhone. The Brazilian government said that the complete product was not being given to the customers. The company was also ordered to stop selling iPhones without chargers in Brazil.

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