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Apple demanded to remove animated emoji from Telegram

After the release of a major Telegram update, the creator of the messenger, Pavel Durov, explained why Apple delayed the release of the iOS version of the application for a long time. It turns out that the company was embarrassed by the animated emoji that debuted in the messenger.

After extensive media coverage my previous post Apple has responded to us with a demand to reduce the functionality of the upcoming Telegram update by removing Telemoji, improved versions of standard emoji in vector format with animation. This is a puzzling move on Apple’s part as Telemoji will create a whole new dimension for its low-res static emoji and greatly enrich their ecosystem. But in the long run, this is a boon for Telegram – now we will make Telemoji even more unique and recognizable. In addition, we’ve included 10 other emoji sets in today’s update. Along with the ability for any user to upload their own.

Pavel Durov


Animated emoji, which debuted in Telegram’s latest update, are aimed primarily at the messenger’s Premium subscribers. And users of the free version can only admire them in chats and publish them in Favorites. Some emoji can be interactive – in chats, they respond to mouse clicks or touches on the touch screen. In addition, Premium users have the opportunity to block the sending of voice and video messages to themselves, as well as to give a subscription as a gift.
An Apple representative contacted 9to5Mac with more information about the Telegram update. Some of Telegram’s new emojis have the same wording as Apple’s signature emojis. Third party developers cannot create applications that “similar to an existing Apple product”. As per App Store guidelines 5.2.5. Apple explicitly states in the same rule that this includes a ban on copying Apple’s emoji design.
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