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Apple Confirms 5K Studio Display Compatible With Windows PCs, But There Are Limitations

This week, Apple held an event dedicated to the announcement of a number of new products . Among other things, the general public was introduced to the new 27-inch Studio Display monitor that supports 5K resolution. Now, Apple has confirmed that the new monitor is compatible not only with its Mac computers, but also with Windows-based PCs. However, some features based on the monitor’s built-in A13 Bionic chip will only be available on Mac computers.

There was no doubt that the monitor itself would work with Windows-based computers. To do this, the PC must be equipped with a video card that supports 5K resolution or higher, and for connection you need to use the Thunderbolt interface (you can use an adapter). But it wasn’t clear if the monitor’s built-in 12-megapixel camera would work with Windows, as Apple’s website says that “You need to be connected to a Mac to use the camera and update the firmware . ” A company representative confirmed that when using Studio Display, the built-in camera will function like a normal USB camera. The speakers will also work.

It is also noted that when using Studio Display with a Windows-based computer, the Center Stage camera feature, which helps to keep the user in the center of the frame during video calls, will not work. Other features based on the built-in A13 Bionic chip, such as spatial audio and Siri, will also not work on Windows computers. At $1,600, the Studio Display looks expensive for a 27-inch monitor, especially if you’re planning to use it with a Windows-based computer where some features won’t be available.


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