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Apple caught in the fraud with the rating of its application

It is worth noting that at the end of September, the ratings of Apple Podcasts seriously sagged – then iOS 15 was released, which provides users with the opportunity to leave ratings and reviews for their own applications of the company. So, in a little more than a week, the program’s rating dropped to two stars out of five. Further, the rating dropped to 1.8 stars.

In early November, the situation suddenly began to change. So, the app began to receive thousands of reviews every day, most of which are positive. The rating is growing to this day.

Paying attention to the reviews, it became clear that people are not evaluating the application itself, but the podcasts that the authors publish in it. The App Store representatives chose a review of one of the podcasts to be the most useful app reviews.

As it turned out, since last month Apple Podcasts have been asking users to rate the app through the standard Rating & Review form.

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