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Apple bans self-upgrading Mac Studio

In one of the recent reviews , bloggers found a free slot for an SSD, suggesting that it allows you to upgrade your PC. In reality, everything turned out to be not so simple – YouTuber Luca Miani, who tried to independently perform this procedure at home, was convinced of this from his own experience.

For the experiment, the author of the video used two computers at once. He pre-formatted the SSD drive removed from the first device, and then placed it in a free slot on the board of the second. After trying to turn it on, Mac Studio, which received additional disk space, refused to boot. At the same time, its LED indicator on the front panel broadcast the SOS signal using Morse code.

In addition, the blogger tried other download options. First, he removed the original drive from the “affected” PC and replaced it with a formatted one, and then “thrown” the SSD from the second one with the OS installed to the first machine. In both cases, the computers signaled an error and did not display the image on the display.

Apparently, Apple “tied” components to specific devices by serial number. A notice hinting at this is also published on the company’s website – customers are advised to select a configuration with a suitable amount of disk space in advance. Presumably, only specialists of service centers can bypass the restriction using special software. Apple itself did not comment on the publication of the blogger.

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