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Apple and Google flagship smartphones compared in drop test

The authors dropped smartphones from one meter to see if the ceramic iPhone protective glass could withstand it.

The fall from a height of 1 meter onto the back panel did not cause serious damage to the smartphones. Little damage was done only due to protruding camera modules. On the Pixel 6 Pro, the damage was slightly more noticeable. The fall from the same height to the upper corner was also not too dangerous. But the fall with the screen down made the protective glasses of smartphones crack.

The Pixel 6 Pro has more damage again – one of the corners is damaged. The reason for this, for sure, is the roundness of the glass. But the iPhone was not going smoothly either – it turned out to be a lot of cracks.

The Pixel 6 Pro suffered even more damage when dropped from a meter and a half, and the iPhone 13 Pro Max withstood the test clearly better.

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