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Apple AirTag: You will no longer be able to take this product on an airplane! Lufthansa Airlines banned, this is the reason

Apple AirTag Ban on this Airlines: There is a great craze among people about every product of Apple. The reason for the popularity of Apple’s product is its features and the safety of the users. But in one case, due to more features of the company, one of its products has been banned. Yes, we are talking about Apple AirTag. Many people use it. There are a lot of people using it on flights, but Lufthansa Airlines has banned the use of airtags in luggage. That is, now keeping Apple Airtag in luggage will be prohibited. If you keep it, you have to keep it off.

The company implemented the rules by citing ICAO guidelines

According to the report, the airline has issued a notification in this regard citing ICAO guidelines. According to the report of Apple Insider, baggage trackers are part of dangerous goods. Apart from this, it is necessary to keep the tracker off in flight due to the transmission function. However, some reports have said that this claim is false. The ICAO guidelines that have been talked about are for devices with lithium-ion batteries. 

Just know the complete rule regarding luggage

As per the rules, Apple MacBook Pro (purchased between September 2015 and February 2017) with 15-inch screen are included in the banned category. Apple airtags operate on a much smaller battery than these. In these, CR2032 cell has been used, which is not a lithium-ion battery. Therefore airtags do not fall under this category under ICAO guidelines. If the CR2032 cell used in the airtag is considered dangerous, then the use of many smartwatches in flight will also have to be banned. However, the airlines have not given any concrete reason for the ban. It is being claimed in many reports that this step has been taken by the company to hide its mismanagement.

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