Monday, February 26, 2024

Apple again tries to splurge. The company is on the threshold of a collective demand, which could potentially include more than 100 million people.

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Looks like Apple may soon be hit with another big collective win. US District Judge John Gonzales Rodgers approved the class action lawsuit against Apple, potentially allowing more than 100 million users to join the suit and seek compensation from the company.


At its core – App Store. To be precise, there is a ban by Apple on purchasing applications for iPhone and iPad outside the App Store, which probably leads to higher prices. In March 2022, the same judge had already declined to approve the collective suit, but reconsidered after the group was expanded and now includes only owners of Apple accounts who spent $10 or more on the app or content within the app.

Remember, due to the new legislation of the European Union in this region Apple allows downloading of applications outside the App Store.

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