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Apple again forced to allow third-party app stores and payments on iPhone

The European Union has announced a new Digital Markets Bill (DMA). Under its terms, Apple will have to allow users to install mobile software bypassing the App Store. We analyze what consequences such a decision can cause from the point of view of both parties.

Apple is under pressure again

Commission requirements

With the implementation of DMA, iPhone and iPad owners will be able to download apps through direct download or through third-party digital stores. In addition, software developers will be allowed to accept payments bypassing the official App Store system, which requires a 30 percent commission.

“We believe that consumers should have freedom of choice when using a smartphone. Under DMA, the owner of the device will retain the ability to enjoy the safe and secure services of the built-in software store. Also, the law will allow downloading software from alternative sites, if that is the choice of the user, ” said Johannes Barke, representative of the European Commission .

Apple is under pressure again

The European Parliament has not yet submitted the draft to the vote of the EU members. But it is expected to be adopted in the coming months. In this case, the requirements will come into force at the beginning of 2023. Failure to comply with them will result in fines of up to 10% of the total annual income of the Californian company (now it is about $40 billion).

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Previously, regulators in other countries, including the US, the Netherlands and South Korea, have already tried to force Cupertino to change the way the App Store works. But the tech giant has responded to such claims with appeals, partial policy adjustments, or simply paying fines. Will the EU initiative manage to turn things around and set a precedent for the rest of the world? Will show time.

Apple is under pressure again

Apple’s response

According to the company, allowing the installation of applications from third-party sources will undermine the security of users and untie the hands of attackers. As Tim Cook and other Apple representatives have previously stated , the decision “would nullify the security of iOS” and could violate the privacy of gadget owners.

On the other hand, a similar approach has long been used on computers with macOS. But the “apple” corporation considers the comparison with the iPhone incorrect, since the phone stores much more private data. According to experts, the project is fraught with huge losses for Apple, so its lawyers will try to appeal the decision and prevent the adoption of the law.


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