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Antibody-secreting cells have been shown to accelerate wound healing

B cells are primarily responsible for the production of antibodies and the presentation of antigens. However, in a recent study, a team of scientists found that this type of cell can help in the repair of body tissues when damaged. Writes about this

A team of researchers at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Vaccine and Immunotherapy Center (VIC) has discovered a new property of B-proteins. It turned out that such substances are able to accelerate the healing process of various wounds after injuries. The research results are published in the FASEB Journal.

Scientists called the new mechanism of work of B-cells pligodraxis (from the Greek pligí – wound, drási – action). Thanks to him, these substances, introduced into the damaged area, within one to two days, release many specific pro and anti-inflammatory molecules that contribute to the rapid healing of this area.

According to VIC director and Harvard Medical School professor of medicine, Mark Poznanski, the findings will enable B-cell therapy for a wide variety of injuries in the future.

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