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“Anti-social network” Palmsy without Internet access has become available on iPhone and iPad

Programmer Pat Nakajima created the Palmsy application, a “social network” client that runs locally on a smartphone or tablet. It simulates likes from “followers”, but does not send posts and photos to the Internet. The enthusiast told who might need this and why.


The free app is currently only available for iPhone and iPad . The developer positions his brainchild as an alternative to a personal diary for saving thoughts or interesting moments of life without having to share them with the entire Internet. Once “published”, posts and photos receive likes on behalf of real contacts in the user’s phone book for a set period of time (this feature can be turned off).

Palmsy is fun. The people who “like” your posts haven’t actually seen your posts. The app just pretends that they did it… Then in a strange way I get dopamine from the likes, without feeling embarrassed for posting on social networks,” was the review left by one of the app’s users on the App Store.

“Published” photos and text do not leave the device – only the author himself sees them. According to Nakajima, the app can also be useful for cleaning up your contact list. Since likes are placed randomly on behalf of different people, among them over time there may be a person whom the user no longer wants to see in the phone book.


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