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Another shortage in the market. DDR5 RAM disappeared from stores

According to the source, DDR5 memory has practically disappeared from retail stores. Even on the largest marketplaces Amazon and NewEgg, the corresponding memory modules are mostly marked as “out of print”. It is not yet clear when sales will resume, but the source does not believe the situation will not improve within a few months.

But what is the reason for the deficit? It turned out that the problem is in Power Management Integrated Circuits (PMICs) – they are now in short supply. And without them, it is impossible to assemble ready-made memory modules. Sources note that PMIC supplies are severely limited, while their purchase prices are 10 times higher than in the case of similar integrated circuits for DDR4 modules. It takes a very long time to wait for ordered PMICs – at least 35 weeks.

Intel Alder Lake was the first custom processors to support DDR5 memory, and they are most threatened by this shortage. However, real tests show that a DDR5 system is not much faster than a DDR4 system, and there are enough Alder Lake motherboards with DDR4 support on the market.

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