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Another feat of Apple Watch, the life of a 12-year-old girl was saved, you will be stunned to know

New Delhi. Apple Watch is not just a smartwatch but a lifesaving shield. Now let me also tell you why we are saying this. The Apple Watch has been credited with saving lives countless times, but this time a girl found out she had cancer. Actually, the watch has alerted him about the abnormal high heart rate. Apple Watch’s heart rate notification feature is available on the Watch SE, Watch 7, as well as the recently launched Watch 8 and Watch Ultra.

According to a report, a 12-year-old girl named Imani Miles was alerted by Apple Watch that her heart rate was not normal. His mother i.e. Jessica also found it strange. This had never happened before. It’s really weird because it’s never happened before. His mother said so.

Jessica did not consider it normal, but thought it right to take her daughter to the hospital. After this Imani was operated for appendicitis but her troubles did not end there. Doctors told her mother about a neuroendocrine tumor in her appendix, which they said is rare in children. After this some tests were done and doctors found that the tumor had spread to other parts of Imani’s body. He had to undergo surgery to remove the cancer. After the operation everything was fine.

The girl’s mother said that if the watch was not there, she might not have been diagnosed with her illness and there would have been a delay in taking her to the hospital which could have been fatal. Also told that if there was no watch then a lot could have happened. Apple Watch has many such features including ECG, heart rate notification, fall and crash detection which help a lot in survival.

Recently, Apple Watch’s ECG heart sensor sent an alert about heart rate and saved the life of a 57-year-old man. David went to the hospital after receiving several alerts from the Apple Watch gifted by his wife.

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