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Another experiment in Telangana .. Artificial‌Intelligence‌ in grain purchasing centers

Telangana government is one step ahead in advancing technology. The initiative is aimed at implementing a new approach that will enable modern technology to be used for crop field products without being limited to cities. 

Telangana government has decided to introduce Artificial Intelligence (AI) in grain purchasing centers. To this end, the government has entered into a memorandum of understanding with the city’s nebula. This will allow AI to be used to make the grain procurement process faster and more transparent. 

The process of grinding the grain and purchasing the grain is now done manually. Purchasing officers take the harvested grain of the farmers in the market and grind it to see how much moisture is in it. Small Saijua Large Saijua Many such factors are assessed and a final decision is made. The rate determination for grain is done according to the feedback they express. However the criticisms of the lack of transparency in the process as well as the speed are low.

After the sample grain is poured into the tray in the newly available AI systemwith the help of AI, the Artificial Intelligence machine examines the grain and takes photos in 360 degrees. Afterwards analyze that information. How much moisture is in the grain? Details such as evolution and expansion, as well as whether the crop was grown organically or using chemicals in a matter of moments. Scientists say the process will increase speed as well as transparency.

Earlier it was decided to implement AI utilization in the grain purchasing centershere as a pilot project in three centers. While the grain purchasing centers at Narayanpet and Kamareddy have already been selected, another is yet to be finalized. It was decided to use AI during the procurement of lentils, groundnuts and paddy at these purchasing centers. 

Telangana government plans to use the technology in all future purchasing centers in the state if the results of the pilot project are positive for the rest. It plans to increase the use of artificial technology not only in the purchase of grain but also in the purchase of fruits and other crop products.

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