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Another black man has died in US police action

Another black man has died in a US police encounter, evoking memories of the George Floyd incident in 2020.

Once again, a disturbing instance of racial discrimination by American police has emerged. Following the death of a black man in the state of Ohio, the police are facing severe criticism. Reports indicate that the incident took place at a bar in Ohio, where the Canton Police Department took action against a black individual, resulting in his death. Footage of the incident shows the man being restrained by the police, with his legs and neck tied, and eventually succumbing.

The entire incident was captured by police body cameras. In the video, officers can be heard making jokes while the man pleads, “Please let me go, I can’t breathe.” According to reports, the man died just 16 minutes after the police intervention.

Who was the victim? The deceased has been identified as 53-year-old Frank Tyson. Throughout the ordeal, he repeatedly expressed difficulty breathing, yet the police reportedly ignored his pleas. The situation escalated when Tyson became unconscious, prompting one officer to casually remark that it was a lifelong dream of his to engage in a bar fight.

Reason for police action Frank was allegedly involved in a car crash with an electric pole, prompting the police to pursue him. Upon receiving information that Frank Tyson was at a nearby club, law enforcement took action to apprehend him, resulting in his death. The incident reportedly occurred on April 18th.

The manner of police intervention has sparked outrage in America and around the world. This is not the first instance of a death caused by suffocation due to police restraint. Despite widespread criticism, American police have continued to employ such tactics. In 2020, a man named George Floyd died under similar circumstances.

Action against police officers The officers involved in Tyson’s case have been identified as Beau Schoenege and Camden Burch. The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is conducting an inquiry into the incident. The officers have been suspended pending the completion of the investigation.


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