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Android users beware! These 8 dangerous apps are stealing your personal data, delete them immediately


Malware has been found in about 8 apps of Google Play Store.
8 malware apps have been downloaded by 3 million people.
It has been advised to delete the apps from the phone immediately.

Android Apps Malware: Google has spotted a new malware on Play Store apps that is stealthily reading SMS messages from users, while also subscribing to premium services without informing them. The name of this malware is being told as Autolycos, and about 8 apps of Google Play Store have been found affected by it. According to the report, Google has banned all these apps from the Play Store, but the problem is that it has been downloaded by 30 lakh people.

According to information received from Bleeping Computers, two of the affected apps are still active on the Play Store, and if they are present in someone’s phone then it can be a big threat. A list of 8 apps affected in the report has also been released. Let’s know which are those apps and you have not downloaded it anywhere.

1-Vlog Star Video Editor:- 10 Million Downloads

2-Creative 3D Launcher:- 10 Million Downloads

3-Wow Beauty Camera:- 100,000 times download

4-Gif Emoji Keyboard:- 100,000 10 Million Downloads

5-Freeglow Camera 1.0.0:- 5,000 times download

6-Coco camera V1.1:- 1000 times download

7-Funny Camera by KellyTech:- Over 50,000 Downloads

8-‘Razer Keyboard & Theme by rxcheldiolola:- Downloaded over 50,000 times

Check your phone that if you have any of the above listed apps, then delete it immediately, otherwise your personal data can also be stolen.

Avina’s security researcher Maxim Ingrao said that these apps asked users to access messages after installation and once users gave permission, their data was stolen.

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