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Android users beware! ‘These’ 13 Dangerous Apps Removed from Google Play Store, Delete From Your Phone Immediately

New Delhi : Google bans 13 dangerous apps: Google has removed 13 dangerous apps from its platform. Apps have to go through a number of security processes before being listed on the Google Play Store. However, many dangerous apps are available on Google Play Store. This causes a huge loss to Android users. The company has removed 13 such dangerous apps from the Play Store. A security team of McAfee informed about these dangerous apps available on Google Play Store. The team claims that these apps constantly show ads on the device. These apps have been deleted after being informed by the security team.

Among the deleted apps on the Play Store are mainly phone cleaning apps. Once installed, these apps continuously send advertisements to the device. In addition, other apps block windows. It also sends different notifications to users. Often they also open websites by creating shortcuts. Not only this, many apps names and icons also change automatically. This makes it difficult to track down these apps and delete them from the device. Now Google has banned these dangerous apps. However, many users have these apps installed in their phones. Millions of users have downloaded these dangerous apps in their phones.

If you have these apps in your phone, delete them immediately

  • Junk Cleaner
  • EasyCleaner
  • Power Doctor
  • Super clean
  • Full Clean
  • Fingertip Cleaner
  • Quick Cleaner
  • Keep Clean
  • Windy Clean
  • Carpet Clean
  • Cool Clean
  • Strong Clean
  • Meteor Clean

If your phone also has apps from this list, delete them immediately. Apart from this, also change the password of social media and other accounts. This will keep your accounts safe. A few days ago, the Security Researcher Group reported more than 50 such dangerous apps. These apps were subscribing to expensive subscription plans without users’ permission.

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