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Android Pocket Projector: This device will convert the room into a mini theater, price less than Rs 10000

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These devices will convert the room into a mini theatre, cost less than Rs 10000

You won’t have to do much to convert your house into a theater. For this you will have to buy an Android Pocket Projector from the e-commerce platform. With its help you will be able to save money on theater tickets and also save your time. This mini projector can benefit you a lot. The best thing is that their price will fit within your budget. Read about the complete details of these mini projectors here.

Android Pocket Projector: Features

  • Portability: These projectors are small and light, which can be easily carried from one place to another.
  • Features: These projectors have many smart features, such as Android operating system, high-definition video quality, and built-in speakers.
  • Price: These projectors are usually less expensive than traditional projectors. The price of Android Pocket Projector is less than Rs 10,000. Know the prices of some popular Android Pocket Projectors here.

ARKZO Mini Mobile Smart Projector

Portable mini projector can be installed at any place like office, classroom, bedroom, and garden. Although its original price is Rs 16,999, but you can buy it with 53 percent discount for only Rs 7,999.

Uniy T10 Android Projector

The original price of this mini projector is Rs 14,999 but you can buy it from Amazon with 45 percent discount for only Rs 8,284. You are getting many smart features in it.

PKST T6 WiFi LED Projector

You are getting the mini projector available for Rs 14,999 at a huge discount. You are getting this on Amazon with 50 percent discount for only Rs 7,495.

WZATCO Pixel Portable LED Projector

The design of this mini projector is classy, ​​its original price is Rs 9,990 but you can get it with 35 percent discount for only Rs 6,490.

You will have to spend only once in purchasing these projectors, after this you will be able to enjoy the theater experience at home.

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