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Android 15 Release: Google Releases Android 15 Beta Versions: Here’s What You Need to Know

Google has released the initial versions of Android 15. The latest among these is Beta 2.1. You can manually download it on Pixel 6, Pixel 7, Pixel 8 series phones, and Pixel Fold and Pixel tablets. If you don’t have a Pixel device, the second beta is also available on devices from several OEMs, including Honor, Oppo, Xiaomi, and Nothing. Alternatively, you can use a 64-bit system image with the Android emulator in Android Studio.

Android 15 Release Timeline

Google has also revealed the Android 15 release timeline, which follows a pattern similar to Android 13 and Android 14. The release schedule includes the first and second developer previews, with the edition now in its beta phase.

When Will It Be Launched?

Beta 2 was launched on May 15. Now that the OS is out of Developer Preview and in beta, regular users who don’t want to manually flash the Developer Preview can safely experience Android 15. After a few beta releases, the software will reach platform stability in June-July, followed by the final release. Google hasn’t mentioned a specific month for the final Android 15 stable rollout. However, it is expected to launch with the Pixel 9 series in October. This expectation is based on Google’s launch of Android 14 alongside the Pixel 8 lineup.

Naturally, the Android 15 release date for Pixel phones will be earlier than for other brands. Samsung and others should also start announcing availability details of the new Android editions around the time of the final release. All the important milestones for Android are given below.

Complete Timeline of Android 15

  • February 16, 2024 – Android 15 DP1
  • March 21, 2024 – Android 15 DP2
  • April 11, 2024 – Android 15 Beta 1
  • April 22, 2024 – Android 15 Beta 1.1
  • April 25, 2024 – Android 15 Beta 1.2
  • May 15, 2024 – Android 15 Beta 2
  • May 20, 2024 – Android 15 Beta 2.1

Stay tuned for more updates on Android 15 as we approach the final release. Make sure to check for availability on your device and enjoy the new features and improvements that come with the latest Android version.


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