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Android 15 OS: Mobile will be locked if stolen, these 5 features will change the style of using the phone

Android 15 is a phone operating system.Image Credit source: Google

Android 15 Features: Google has recently unveiled Android 15 Beta 2 version. The experience of using a smartphone with the new operating system will be better than before. However, the company has just released Android 15 for select smartphone users. Google may release Android 15 in the third week of October this year. The new Google Pixel 9 series may also be announced during that time.

To run a mobile, it is necessary to have a better operating system. Google has kept this in mind in Android 15. You will get more privacy in the new version of the operating system. The company has paid a lot of attention to privacy. Come android 15 Let us know about 5 special features.

5 features of Android 15

Read here about the features related to privacy and phone theft in Android 15. After their arrival, using the phone can be fun.

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1. Phone Theft Detection Lock: Phone theft is a common problem. Google will provide a feature in Android 15 which will lock the data if the phone is stolen. This feature will work with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI). When it detects that the phone has been stolen, it will automatically lock the phone and delete the information.

2. Private Space: Google has taken a step forward for the privacy of users. A special privacy feature will be provided for users in Android 15. Those who want to keep their sensitive data like images, videos or apps etc. in a completely different location, then they will be able to do so with this feature.

3. Google Maps with AR: Augmented Reality (AR) can be supported in Google Maps under Android 15. If this happens then the places shown on Google Maps will look exactly like real ones. At present, the picture regarding this feature is not clear. According to reports, Google can introduce this feature in collaboration with Samsung and Qualcomm.

4. Protection from Fraud: One of the special updates of Google is real-time fraud protection. This feature will work through AI in Android 15. It will immediately identify apps affected by malware and phishing attacks in your phone.

5. QR Code in Google Wallet: Google has recently launched Google Wallet in India. This is an app in which our important documents, tickets, passes etc. can be saved. Under Android 15, you will be able to create QR codes of these documents etc. With this it will be possible to extract these documents quickly.


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