Wednesday, December 7, 2022
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Android 14 will get rid of one of the oldest features. The new version of the OS will remove support for Android Beam for file sharing via NFC

Google in its new Android 14 OS will get rid of the Android Beam feature, which appeared back in Android 4 and allowed data to be transferred via near-field communication (NFC). I must say that work on Android Beam has stopped since the release of Android 10, however, software developers based on this mobile OS could include Beam in their solutions.

With the release of Android 14, this will no longer be possible: Google will completely remove Beam from AOSP, the Android open source project. I must say that Google will not leave users without an alternative: the company already has a substitute for Beam in the form of the Nearby Share function. This is a kind of analogue of Apple AirDrop, which allows you to exchange data via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. However, Nearby Share only works on devices with Google Mobile Services (GMS). This means that on the same Huawei smartphones that lack GMS, Nearby Share does not work.

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