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Android 13 can finally add Chromecast devices to the audio switcher, here’s how


Google has finally Android 13 But the audio switcher has brought support for Chromecast devices. The tech giant as the main part of the system audio switcher Youtube while listening to audio on music Chromecast supported for the device. According to a report, the app is one of the first to get support for Chromecast devices in the output switcher. Google 2 years ago Android 11 was presented with. Properties allow users to quickly switch audio output without going into their phone’s settings.

Android 13 QPR1 running on december release Pixel 7 on the phone YouTube Music has started showing Chromecast devices in the output switcher.

Chromecast device list includes some speaker groups

The report states that Youtube on music Chromecast Nest Hubs in the device list, google tv and some speaker groups are included, and the tech giant uses a different color for this device icon to highlight frequently used Device Highlighting.

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Now it will be easy to connect Chromecast devices to audio switcher


Update this music version from Google Play

The new feature has not yet been rolled out to the users and google play Service version 22.46.17 Pixel 7 user this new Chromecast The devices can access the list only on YouTube Music version 5.36.51, as per reports.

Google TV gets firmware update in October

Back in October google tv company with Chromecast To android tv 12 There was a firmware update available for the . Google’s standalone streaming device with top-notch Google TV user interface android tv Runs on software. The software update came with some improvements to the settings for HDR format and surround sound selection. firmware build number STTE.220621.019.A2.9082754 whose software version android tv 12 Is.



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