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Android 12 is out, but you’ll be disappointed in it

The new notification curtain also looks very nice at first glance. But it is not very convenient: to get to the brightness control, you need to swipe twice. There are fewer icons in the notification panel, but they would be better placed on half of the screen. Also, information about how much time remains before the device is completely discharged was removed from the notification curtain. Also, users complain that the curtain now completely covers the application, which is why it is impossible to monitor what is happening in it.

Such an innovation as the combination of Wi-Fi and a SIM card in the “Internet” item turned out to be inconvenient. The Bluetooth section has also been updated: it is now called “Connected Devices”. Although it should be noted that, in general, both innovations look good.

The Always On Display looks pretty decent. In this case, if there are no notifications, then the clock is placed on the whole screen. This can be awkward. The solution to the problem is to add permanent notifications to the display: for example, about the weather.

When scrolling, now, when you reach the end of the list of applications, everything seems to stretch (before, there was just a “wave effect”). This is not convenient for everyone. Maxim also did not like the updated shutdown menu.

There is now a function to search for information when typing in the search bar throughout the system. At the same time, it works only when using the English language, when switching the layout, you cannot use this function at all, and when you enter only a part of a word, nothing is found.

The volume control is also not very convenient. In addition, the ability to adjust the sound on Google devices has been removed.

The expert concluded that with the installed version of Android 11 on a smartphone, it makes no sense at all to switch to Android 12. Nothing fundamentally new has appeared in the 12th version, and in general the system has not been finalized yet.

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