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And no aliens: the problem with sending strange signals from the Voyager 1 probe to Earth was resolved

The American Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA shared the good news – engineers have finally managed to fix the glitch that caused the Voyager 1 (Voyager 1) probe to send strange data to Earth.

Recall that Voyager 1 is the most distant object created by man from Earth. On August 20, the probe celebrated its 45th anniversary in space. In May 2022, trouble happened to the probe – it began to send strange signals to Earth. At the same time, NASA reported that all systems of the ship are working normally.

Engineers have been tinkering with this mystery all summer, and now NASA is reporting a fix.

According to the press service, engineers have fixed the problem, but are still looking for the cause. The team discovered the source of the corrupted information: the AACS probe’s articulation and attitude control system started sending telemetry data through the onboard computer, which is known to have stopped working many years ago, and the computer corrupted the information.

Suzanne Dodd, Voyager project lead, said that when they suspected this was the problem, they decided to try a low-risk solution: instruct AACS to resume sending data to the correct computer.

Engineers don’t yet know why AACS started sending telemetry data to the wrong computer, but it probably received an erroneous command generated by another on-board computer. If so, it indicates that there is a problem somewhere else on the spacecraft.

NASA stressed that the team will continue to look for the underlying problem, but it is unlikely that it poses a threat to the health of Voyager 1 in the long term.

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