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And if you take a flagship smartphone of a little-known brand at the price of a “pedigree” model of the middle class? We check:

Most of the old guard have been thrown into the dustbin of history, and their presence in the “Chinese bought out the right to use the name” format does not excite even desperate conservatives. But how flooded China! First, Xiaomi fired a rocket and rushed off somewhere out of reach. Then one or the other Chinese brands convincingly proved their worth. From the freshest ups – three years ago, realme appeared, which we now see in the top of the smartphone market. But at the start they were more often laughed at than approved, and an early failure was expected.

Time does not stand still, Xiaomi and realme from piece toys for “flashers from the forum” of Aliexpress experts have turned into smartphones of the TOP-5 category in Russia. That is, they are found at every step and no longer at the price of “top-end hardware by weight”, as in the days of Xiaomi Mi4, Meizu MX4 Pro, etc. It would be logical for Xiaomi / Realme, which took the place of HTC / LG / Sony in the budget and mid-range smartphones, to move some new Chinese brands. But are there such in nature?

In principle, there is. Even after the death of LeEco and the not-so-alive Meizu / Honor today, there are armies of Chinese brands that are gradually catching up in quality to their Chinese competitors from the major league. Among them, perhaps, we can mention Tecno, TCL, Infinix and iQOO (although iQOO is more a subsidiary of Vivo than an independent brand).

And … to be honest, smartphones at a price of 7 to 15 thousand new brands do not offer anything extraordinary yet – basically, analogs of the same Xiaomi Redmi and Poco are obtained, only with minor problems: a gluttonous system (this is when the battery and processor are good, but the charge leaks suspiciously quickly) and the so-so quality of the cameras.

What if we are just looking in the wrong place and the real benefit from the absence of a “markup for the nameplate” is revealed in the middle class? For example, we take a model for 30 thousand rubles and compare it with the one who is offered by competitors for the same 30 thousand. Today we feel the “top model” Infinix and hope for miracles. But first about the brand, because I bet you either haven’t heard of it at all, or only heard the name, but not the backstory:

A little about Infinix

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