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And again, Intel has problems with processors. TSMC to start mass production of iGPU tiles for Meteor Lake only at the end of 2023

Intel may face another delay in the release of the next new generation of processors.

Mass production of iGPU tiles for Meteor Lake processors has been delayed until the end of 2023, the source said. Recall that the CPU of this generation will consist of several tiles (individual chips), which will be produced according to different technical processes. And the iGPU tile will be produced by TSMC using the 3 nm process technology, while the processor tile will be produced at Intel’s own facilities using the Intel 4 (7 nm) process technology.

Initially, Intel allegedly planned to launch iGPU tiles in the second half of 2022, then moved the launch to early 2023, and now everything has shifted to the end of 2023. And it is completely unclear whether the Meteor Lake processors themselves will have time to come out in 2023, as originally planned. It is possible that they will eventually be delayed until the first half of 2024.

Moreover, the prospects for the Intel 4 process itself are still unclear, and it is likely that in the end the company will decide to transfer TSMC and the rest of the new generation processor tiles. Recall that Sapphire Lake processors are already delayed by a year and a half, and the total delay relative to the original plans of the company will eventually be about two years.

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