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Analysts: the volume of Russian data leaks has increased significantly

The RBC publication, citing a study by InfoWatch Group, reported a noticeable increase in the volume of “leaks” of personal data of Russians. At the end of 2023, it grew by almost 60% compared to the previous year. Analysts told which companies and services suffered from information theft most often.


According to the source , the number of incidents last year decreased by 15%, but at the same time, the amount of personal data stolen in one incident almost doubled – from 0.9 million to 1.7 million records. In total, 95 large databases were leaked from Russian companies during the reporting period: 28% more than in 2022. Over 80% of leaks occurred as a result of cyber attacks, and every tenth was due to the fault of personnel.

Experts explain that published statistics may be incomplete – in more than 35% of cases, the volume of stolen data is not known for certain. This trend is associated with the emergence of large personal data storage facilities. Now the majority of cyber attacks are focused on social services, telecom operators, marketplaces and other large platforms.


Hackers mainly attack small and medium-sized businesses, since the security resources of such companies are much more modest than those of large market participants. In the industry distribution, the share of banks over the year increased from 7.5 to 10%, companies from the IT and information security sector decreased from 27.1% to 18.8%, trade organizations decreased from 19.6% to 16.6% .


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