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Analysts showed how Qualcomm and MediaTek divided the smartphone market

The new Counterpoint Research report is interesting not only for the shipment figures of all mobile chipmakers in the past year. Analysts also compiled a comparative graph of the popularity of processors for smartphones in different price segments.

Counterpoint Research

According to statistics, in 2021, MediaTek chips dominated the price category up to $299 per smartphone, with Dimensity 700, 800 and Helio series processors accounting for the bulk of shipments. In turn, Qualcomm products were more in demand in the $399 segment. The only exception was the niche in the range from $700 to $799, where Samsung took the lead, taking third place in the final ranking of SoC vendors.

The Counterpoint report notes that the reason for this spread in brand popularity was the shortage of semiconductors. Qualcomm actively increased shipments of Snapdragon 700/800 processors only in order to increase profitability, thereby losing more affordable price niches to a competitor. Analysts expect MediaTek to increase sales in the premium segment this year with the Dimensity 8000 and 9000 series.

In the budget category in 2021, UNISOC also increased the volume of deliveries. The share of HiSilicon in devices more expensive than $499 in the past reporting period was 30% lower than a year earlier – the reason for this was the cessation of production due to being blacklisted by the US Department of Commerce. Most of the new HUAWEI smartphones lately are equipped with Qualcomm processors without support for 5G networks.

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